When in August 2010, Lech Nienartowicz & Mateusz Wysocki in turns mulled over suggestions of more or less ridiculous names, they didn’t even imagine that their label would raise so much attention.

Pawlacz Perski, in its present shape, is not just Torun and not only Poland. Our label can boast of collaboration with musicians, who are becoming more recognized on the Polish scene and even European. In spite of diversity of aesthetics, to which the releases from the catalog refer, the common denominator seems to be crossing borders of music genres and the spirit of free improvisation floating over the majority of recordings.

Pawlacz Perski is also a tool for building interaction between the musicians and artists of other disciplines. They come to life in real through – for example – the Persian Eye section, where we present artwork of collaborating visual artists. But also through a series of concerts “Cząstki Dziwne”(Strange Particles) in co-operation with tasty! Foundation, in which the musicians involved in the project come together to form surprising configurations.

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