Cover photo by Krzysztof Stęplowski

And once again, this insidious furry animal defies of categorization. He begins with a bit sentimental samples on properly bassed, not too fast groovie. Next slows down so that at the very end to show the face of the snail-glitch instrumental hip-hop for those who feel tired of the ubiquitous cultural acceleration. A guide to the latest Szubrawy Kot album is a great narrator in the person of the title character of John Cassavates movie “Minnie and Moskowitz”.

1. you should have to find a balance between scream and merriment [1:11]
2. example 1 (stoned loop) [4:00]
3. you should read a lot of books [1:35]
4. example 2 (sleeping loop) [3:17]
5. try to be semiconfident [1:22]
6. example 3 (memorize loop) [4:15]

Here: looping, post hop, silted glitch, ambient
Play: Mateusz Wysocki