Pawlacz Perski is a Warsaw-based label whose aim is to popularize contemporary music.
[ppt#40]  Rhythm Baboon - Baboonism

[ppt#40] Rhythm Baboon – Baboonism

On the new Pawlacz Perski summer release Rhythm Baboon trapped us in rhythm, which – according to experts in the subject – is a distant reminiscences of Chicago’s footwork. Meanwhile is sticking our shoes to asphalt that is cooling down after a hot day with a strongly stretched, dubby chewing gum. A proposal for sluggish...
[ppt#39] Naphta / Braki – Under The Face

[ppt#39] Naphta / Braki – Under The Face

We are mainly seeking emotions in the faces of those whom we talk with, but after crossing the skin line the absorbed emotions dissolve and spill all over the brain. ‘Under The Face’ is trying to capture this very moment – when we do not understand yet, but we already feel. Naphta – a Wroclaw...
[ppt#38] ADPC – There Is No Conclusion

[ppt#38] ADPC – There Is No Conclusion

Once again Krzysztof “Arszyn” Topolski and Tomasz Duda are guests at Pawlacz Perski premises. This time they are accompanied by Wojtek Kurek and Łukasz Kacperczyk, who previously – as Paper Cuts – released two cassettes in a befriended label called Wounded Knife. ‘There is no conclusion’ is a meeting of two duets improvising with each...
[ppt#37] Computer Says No – Enfant Terrible

[ppt#37] Computer Says No – Enfant Terrible

  Once again, after a series of discrete electroacoustic improvisation, tapping sounds are coming from the storage space. This time, a horrible kid got stuck there while falling into a tangle of tentacles made of grempline and stylon, which for years of being necrotic, suddenly came to life under the influence of the youthful energy...
[ppt#36]  Bachorze – Okoły gnębione wiatrem

[ppt#36] Bachorze – Okoły gnębione wiatrem

  The musicians of Bachorze are playing as if they took to heart the Captain Beefheart’s advice – You should play like a drowning man, struggling to reach shore . ‘Okoły głębione wiatrem’ [PL: Crofts oppressed by wind] are dirty noisy substances caged by irregular pulse and infected with the blues virus. Psychodrama? Staging? Urban...
[ppt#35] Paide & Fischerle presents Doubts

[ppt#35] Paide & Fischerle presents Doubts

The Doubts compilation comprises dub techno tracks. Paide and Fischerle – the selectors and decision-makers – decided to change the artists’ standard direction of explorations. Trying to reverse the classic order of compilations alike, we invited the producers associated with widely understood experiment for whom the dub techno music has so far been an unexplored...
[ppt#34] Cukier – 821

[ppt#34] Cukier – 821

  This 50-minute long recording by Cukier (Polish for Sugar) is a stodgy portion of sonic calories for electroacoustic improvisation lovers. But the musicians serve not only sweets – the listener is treated to a rich main course in the form of free jazz explosions over a neurotic drumbeat. The lyrical and melodic clarinet parts,...
[ppt#33] 3FoNIA (Jacek Mazurkiewicz) - Mneme

[ppt#33] 3FoNIA (Jacek Mazurkiewicz) – Mneme

      “Mneme” contains two recorded live real time compositions revealing a variety of approaches to a contrabass idiom. In the first one electronic exorcism bring out the rough matter of a difficult to identify nature from the body of the instrument. In the second composition the secret treatments carried out by using a bow introduce us...
[ppt#32] Emiter - Odzyskane

[ppt#32] Emiter – Odzyskane

      The music on the album ‘Odzyskane’ [PL: Recovered] functioned initially as a soundtrack for a play by Ludomir Franczak. While transferred into a Pawlacz Perski tape, it draws attention by its minimalism and based on repetitions form, which is the starting point for weaving a variety of electronic textures. ‘Odzyskane’ is a...
[ppt#31] AU79 - Opiłki i Makrostruktury

[ppt#31] AU79 – Opiłki i Makrostruktury

  AU79 is a project by Paweł Klimczak and Jędrek Jendrośka known for their most diverse activities in the field of music – from editing website (no longer running) to a DJ-producer’s duo Pvre Gold. For quite some time they are working solo now – Jędrek as a DJ Ryan R is exploring vinyl...
[ppt#30] Arszyn / Duda - Automata

[ppt#30] Arszyn / Duda – Automata

The album by the Arszyn/Duda duo is a proof of the timeliness of electroacoustic music. “Automata” is filled with the saxophone, tuba and percussion sounds. Besides that we will hear some preparations, glitches, amplified objects and microinterferences at the rear of this recording, which – in combination with the peculiar perspicuity and significance of wind...
[ppt#29] Umba - "Event Horizon"

[ppt#29] Umba – “Event Horizon”

Cover: Gosia Słomska  “Event Horizon” is the first cassette release by Artur Marcinkowski who mainly deals with vigorous varieties of techno music. The mini-album is a cross-section through his oeuvre, includes both erupting with dance floor pep tracks and dreamy, contemplative recording. Music: Artur Marcinkowski Mastering: Michał Wolski Reviews: Slyvinyl | Rozhlas | FYH | Nowamuzyka | Redbull  Event Horizon [ppt29] by Umba