Cover photo by: Pawel Kaminski

‘Fieldworks’ is a series of recordings made during the summer and autumn of 2010 in Wroclaw. The idea was to register single events whose musical aspects reveal the uniqueness of its space-time anchorage.

To “Fieldworks” there is also included a PDF photo album by Paweł Kamiński.
Album ‘Fieldworks’ by Paweł Paide Dunajko was presented in Torun during the Urban Observatory Festival in 2012. The festival was organized by the tasty! Foundation. The soundwork was part of the ‘THE CITY NEVER SLEEPS: TRANSIENCE’ section.

obserwatorium miejskie

1. in the river
2. language
3. restaurant
4. crossfield
5. drones
6. bridge brook train
7. mechanics cut
8. workshop: Kosciol Sw. Magdaleny
9. darkroom