ppt23_290Cover artwork – photo by: Swetlana Gasetski
“For love of our kids and cats” is 6 songs, in which Tomasz Wegner neatly interweaves acoustic guitar sound, synthesizers and field-recordings. The tones of the volubilitly played melody are subsiding as the corner of the mouth after a stroke. The beauty and melodiousness on this record coexist with difficult to specify anxiety and the transparent titles enhance the sense of duality.
The recording of the album was also attended by Maciej Jabłoński, a regular participant in the Warsaw jam sessions, involved in projects, such as “Bauagan Mistrzów” and live acts under the sign of dub techno, funk and jazz.
1. First readings
2. We’re off for holiday, but then we get back
3. For love of our kids and cats
4. Stamping tickets
5. Deriving profits
6. Supplement of the spirit
Tomasz Wegner – acoustic guitar, electronics, percussion, field recordings, mix
Maciej Jablonski – trumpet
Mateusz Wysocki – recordings of trumpet