Album “Wrażenia i mechanizmy” (EN: “Impressions and mechanisms”) is the next stage of Lech’s vast explorations. On one hand it is enjoying the achievements of concrete music and melancholic ambient and on the other – interwoven with the remains of rhythm and sound micro-occurrences. The entirety of the album sounds like a Rousselian mechanism, exposed from under the moss by a tribe that begins to use it in its own, not necessarily intended manner.

Lech Nienartowicz – creator of sound collages oscillating on the border of dreaming and waking. In his sound research, he explores the world of concrete music, field recordings and electroacoustic improvisation. A member of the glitch duo Porcje Rosołowe. He published his music in labels such as: Dinzu Artefacts, Further Records, BDTA, Crónica, Kosmodrone. Co-founder (along with Mateusz Wysocki) of the cassette tape label Pawlacz Perski. Apart from music, he sometimes infiltrates the world of visual arts by creating autobiographical installations.

Musical and non-musical objects, field recordings, video recorder, mix and production – Lech Nienartowicz
Mastering – Michał Wolski
Graphic design – Gosia Słomska