Pawlacz Perski is a Warsaw-based label whose aim is to popularize contemporary music.
[ppmt#04] Paide – Lookin Back Movin' Forth

[ppmt#04] Paide – Lookin Back Movin’ Forth

Cover artwork – photo by: Oliwia Misztur The idea to realize the mix is an attempt to connect the two (theoritically) distant species of electronic dance music: Jungle with Chicago Footwork. Although the roots of Footwork music go back to the beginnings of House, its full form was formed in the first decade of the...
[ppmt#03] Paide - Wangemann's 1889-1890 European Recordings Mixtape

[ppmt#03] Paide – Wangemann’s 1889-1890 European Recordings Mixtape

Cover artwork – photo by: Nissim Niracine DJ, music reviewer, activist of the Wroclaw-based internet, footwork/juke promoter also the avant-garde and experiment lover. One of the representatives of the the literary genre called ‘Liberatura’. In 2010 the Corporationha!art published his debut book. The pretext for creating this mixtape were records of the phonograph wax...
[ppmt#02] Dj Handclaps of Randoom - Sea Tigers from Galapagos

[ppmt#02] Dj Handclaps of Randoom – Sea Tigers from Galapagos

Cover artwork – photo by: Justyna Kociszewska Dj Handclaps of Randoom, also hiding under the alias Zamulan, is the highest class compiler of soiled sounds. In this volume’s mix can be found both spreading drones and harsh, knocking on the front door pounding from overseas. Well-chosen tracks represent a cross section through the most interesting...
[ppmt#01] Zamulan - There was a great gnashing of teeth

[ppmt#01] Zamulan – There was a great gnashing of teeth

Cover artwork – collage by: Beata Wilczek This time Pawlacz Perski Tapes reaches to different areas. We’d like to present a dj’s mix, which begins a new series in our noble netlabel. For this set is responsible dj Zamulan exploring beamy areas of electronics. We can find here the undisputed leading artists whom fallen in...