Pawlacz Perski is a Warsaw-based label whose aim is to popularize contemporary music.
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[ppt#09] Owczy Pęd - 4 songs

[ppt#09] Owczy Pęd – 4 songs

Cover artwork – photo by: Tony Cappucino Lasting less than thirty minutes Lech Nienartowicz’s plate is a great proof that in today’s world, despite a variety of techniques of sound processing, music can be minimalist, yet extremely emotional. We would like to say that the four Lech’s compositions (perversely named songs) reach the very essence...
[ppt#02] Owczy Pęd - Utrwalacze

[ppt#02] Owczy Pęd – Utrwalacze

Cover artwork – photo by: Veronika Anna W. Owczy Pęd (Sheep Urge) (also spelled “owczy pęd”) is a solo project by Leszek Nienartowicz from Torun. Pawlacz Perski Tapes is pleased to present his first solo album. Sounds on this album migrates between volatile charms (which may resemble a young girl who reaches with her hands...