Pawlacz Perski is a Warsaw-based label whose aim is to popularize contemporary music.
[ppt#32] Emiter - Odzyskane

[ppt#32] Emiter – Odzyskane

      The music on the album ‘Odzyskane’ [PL: Recovered] functioned initially as a soundtrack for a play by Ludomir Franczak. While transferred into a Pawlacz Perski tape, it draws attention by its minimalism and based on repetitions form, which is the starting point for weaving a variety of electronic textures. ‘Odzyskane’ is a...
[ppt#31] AU79 - Opiłki i Makrostruktury

[ppt#31] AU79 – Opiłki i Makrostruktury

  AU79 is a project by Paweł Klimczak and Jędrek Jendrośka known for their most diverse activities in the field of music – from editing website (no longer running) to a DJ-producer’s duo Pvre Gold. For quite some time they are working solo now – Jędrek as a DJ Ryan R is exploring vinyl...
[ppt#30] Arszyn / Duda - Automata

[ppt#30] Arszyn / Duda – Automata

The album by the Arszyn/Duda duo is a proof of the timeliness of electroacoustic music. “Automata” is filled with the saxophone, tuba and percussion sounds. Besides that we will hear some preparations, glitches, amplified objects and microinterferences at the rear of this recording, which – in combination with the peculiar perspicuity and significance of wind...
[ppt#29] Umba - "Event Horizon"

[ppt#29] Umba – “Event Horizon”

Cover: Gosia Słomska  “Event Horizon” is the first cassette release by Artur Marcinkowski who mainly deals with vigorous varieties of techno music. The mini-album is a cross-section through his oeuvre, includes both erupting with dance floor pep tracks and dreamy, contemplative recording. Music: Artur Marcinkowski Mastering: Michał Wolski Reviews: Slyvinyl | Rozhlas | FYH | Nowamuzyka | Redbull  Event Horizon [ppt29] by Umba
[PPT#28] Promieniowanie - Luty

[PPT#28] Promieniowanie – Luty

Cover: Gosia Słomska  Luty (EN: February) are two twenty-minute improvisation pieces based on modular synthesizer and sounds of guitar, percussion instruments & objects. Bartek Kalinka and Wojciech Kwapisiński offer us music full of subtle detuning and ephemeral auditory events, oscillating slowly between fading away and exertion. Reviews: Slyvinyl | Decoder  Luty [ppt28] by Promieniowanie
[ppt#27] Duy Gebord – "Kelp"

[ppt#27] Duy Gebord – “Kelp”

Cover: Gosia Słomska  Kelp resembles a story about a non-existent maritime blur of garbage. The blur visits cold effusions, meets the white snails & green sea anemones. Dives into areas next to the map, stirring kelp with magnetic tape. In Kelp Duy knoted guitars, field recordings, glitch samples and electronic beats that float on the...
[ppt#26] Lech Nienartowicz / Michał Wolski – "Split"

[ppt#26] Lech Nienartowicz / Michał Wolski – “Split”

  Cover: Gosia Słomska  Split is an encounter of two experienced musicians, who daily operate in slightly different musical worlds. Lech Nienartowicz for the purpose of this recording reached for string instruments sounds, which are shot like a mad mechanism for a dozen or so intense minutes. Whereas Michał Wolski descended a few octaves below...
[ppt#25] Dot Dot - City Animal

[ppt#25] Dot Dot – City Animal

Cover photo by: Izabela Wrzos “Life in the city is the ability to move through the urban jungle. The constant rush, pushing through the crowd, traffic, waiting at the pedestrian crossing. For some – frustrating, for others – exciting. I love to get on a bike and watch the world in slow mode. Sometimes I observe people...
[ppt#24] Konrad Gęca - Kompostownik

[ppt#24] Konrad Gęca – Kompostownik

Cover photo by: Ania Krupa The next release by Pawlacz Perski is a Cracov-based artist – Konrad Gęca show off of his improvisation skills. “Kompostownik” – as it is the album’s title – consists of three tracks recorded live. The main material is field recordings and raw simple tones. Art of choices and Dust-covered were...
[ppt#23] Aimless Driving - For Love of Our Kids and Cats

[ppt#23] Aimless Driving – For Love of Our Kids and Cats

Cover artwork – photo by: Swetlana Gasetski “For love of our kids and cats” is 6 songs, in which Tomasz Wegner neatly interweaves acoustic guitar sound, synthesizers and field-recordings. The tones of the volubilitly played melody are subsiding as the corner of the mouth after a stroke. The beauty and melodiousness on this record coexist...
[ppt#22] Porcje Rosołowe | Ilia Belorukov | Split

[ppt#22] Porcje Rosołowe | Ilia Belorukov | Split

Cover photo by: Marcin Aromat The split begins with Glimpses, an 8-minute insects conference led by the beetle organist. An electric fence stretched in the backyard fries some of them from time to time. Willa MaryLa is an electro spindle-shaped drone and after a climactic wave smoothly turns into a charming ambient. Bordeaux recalls a night when we broke...
[ppt#21] Porcje Rosołowe vs Łukasz Podgórni - Skanowanie balu

[ppt#21] Porcje Rosołowe vs Łukasz Podgórni – Skanowanie balu

Cover artwork by: Kamil R. Filipowski Po długiej pozie milczenia do gry powracają Porcje Rosołowe, i to w niecodziennym wydaniu. “Skanowanie balu” jest koniunkcją między krakowskim poetą Łukaszem Podgórnim i Lecho-Mateuszem. Rdzeniem tego upstrzonego diodami i uginającego się pod ciężarem obwiedni albumu jest zbiór powierzonych syntezatorom mowy recytacji. Nieregularność i zaskakująca esencjonalność poezji znajdują swoje...