Cover artwork – photo by: Pamela Cora Granatowski

The next musical exposure of the PPT label has a slightly different character. We were able to lead to a successful collaboration with an Australian artist known as Linda Moore. Linda has over twenty years of experience in experimental music, installations and performance art and is associated to the stage in Adelaide. She uses hybrids of instruments – in case of this album the sounds come from two guitars (acoustic and bass) with intertwined strings and a sensor placed between processing the signal using granular synthesis. The other musicians, Crowstep (trumpet) and Fischerle (electronics), are putting the sounds played by Linda in the vast spatial context. So finally what falls into our hands is a dozen of short works combining electronics & acoustics. We invite you to listen!

1. rim [1:17]
2. stomach cgf [0:39]
3. nocturne with tiny womb [0:39]
4. phyllum [0:51]
5. Abigail’s spittle [1:13]
6. fern [1:28]
7. flock’s spectral dance [1:53]
8. funeral [1:00]
9. non-argue augmentation [0:47]
10. behind the sound [1:07]
11. Abigail’s chamber [1:14]
12. people from different song [1:05]
13. home & pillow [3:14]

Here: eai, noise, drone, music installation

Play: Linda Moore, Przemysław Trzaska, Mateusz Wysocki