Cover artwork – photo by: Alicja Lindner

The legendary, although infamous Poszmeg returns as a shabby-shaking-pick-up. We proudly present a sound solution which is a result of our fascination by American culture. The recording session was attended by Lech Nienartowicz, Tomasz Wegner, Przemysław Trzaska and Mateusz Wysocki. Instruments flowed among instrumentalists. The rest shall not be disclosed.
If you want to listen, do it!. If you listen to it, do it rather loud.
PS. And if you do not like it, you can just go into the ‘Żuk’s’ showroom .

1. softness [0:53]
2. route + route [4:38]
3. box [0:48]
4. about 48 [1:18]
5. pigsty [4:19]
6. strangulation [5:47]

Here: noise, free impro, freak folk, lo-fi, candy talk, post-rock

Play: Tomek Wegner, Przemysław Trzaska, Mateusz Wysocki, Lech Nienartowicz