Cover artwork – photo by: Veronika Anna W.

Punktieren is a project of two musicians from Saint-Petersburg, clustered around theIntonema label. Saxophonist Ilia Belorukov and trombonist Dmitriy Krotevich are the rising stars of European free improvisation. The musicians are involved in numerous collaborations, which clearly shows that the contemporary improvised music has the world adopted mainstream divisions of generes for nothing. In Punktieren Ilia and Dmitriy had abandoned acoustic instruments to focus on the exploration of digital sounds. The duo’s music is a radical, abstract electronics spiced with noise, from which from time to time grow timidly the first fruits of rhythm structures. Tracks on Neurilemma are a rare example of the fact that the renunciation of analog equipment can be a conscious and profoundly thought out choice.

1. neurliemma [6:06]
2. jack bootoff [3:44]
3. silicia flux [5:32]
4. opossum [4:08]
5. foam buoyancy [9:48]

Play: Dmitriy Krotevich, Ilia Belorukov