Pawlacz Perski is a Warsaw-based label whose aim is to popularize contemporary music.
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[ppt#22] Porcje Rosołowe | Ilia Belorukov | Split

[ppt#22] Porcje Rosołowe | Ilia Belorukov | Split

Cover photo by: Marcin Aromat The split begins with Glimpses, an 8-minute insects conference led by the beetle organist. An electric fence stretched in the backyard fries some of them from time to time. Willa MaryLa is an electro spindle-shaped drone and after a climactic wave smoothly turns into a charming ambient. Bordeaux recalls a night when we broke...
[ppt#17] Punktieren - Neurilemma

[ppt#17] Punktieren – Neurilemma

Cover artwork – photo by: Veronika Anna W. Punktieren is a project of two musicians from Saint-Petersburg, clustered around theIntonema label. Saxophonist Ilia Belorukov and trombonist Dmitriy Krotevich are the rising stars of European free improvisation. The musicians are involved in numerous collaborations, which clearly shows that the contemporary improvised music has the world adopted...