Doubts is a compilation, whose guiding principle is searching for new solutions for a selected musical genre. To this end, artists and music producers unrelated to the particular music genre are invited to participate in the compilation. In the first part of Doubts, the main topic was dub techno. The second edition of Doubts is an attempt to reinterpret Chicago Footwork and the pace of 160 BPM. As a result, works were created loosely referring to selected formal aspects of footwork (Ceglarek & Dybała, Maciej Maciągowski, Hubert Zemler), or radically atomizing its structure (Freeze, Genetics & Windsurfing, Micromelancolié), and in some cases works arisen that have chosen the 160 BPM rate as the starting point while placing it in dub (Sarmacja), techno (Mech) and psychedelia (Mchy i Porosty). Doubts vol. 2 is an attempt to answer the question whether since 2012 and the first Polish footwork compilation Ghosts Traxx (which was co-created by one of Doubts curators – Paweł Paide Dunajko), there is a chance to repeat this creative situation, while refreshing and exploring the framework of the genre anew.


Mastering – Michał Wolski
Graphic design – Gosia Słomska