Wojtek Kurek’s music on the new Pawlacz Perski tape can be explored in the context of the richness of rhythmical divisions, or sonoristic experiments occurring at the meeting point of percussion’s and electronic sounds.

However, these traits are only tools for the ultimate goal. The essence of this material is its unusual narrativity. Despite of being short, the stories told here are rich in surprising twists and turns. Rhythm, texture, noise, resonance – you never know which element will be the beginning of a new thread. This music brings to mind a quaint oriental mechanism from centuries before, locked in a pyxis, which after turning on manifestes in front of our eyes an extremely complex, alternate reality.


Rec, Mix -Wojtek Kurek
Mastering – Rafał Smoliński, Mateusz Wysocki
Graphic design – Gosia Słomska



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