Cover artwork – photo by: Tony Cappucino

Ślepa Sonia! O Ślepa! (Blind Sonia! Oh blind!) is a joint project of Mateusz Wysocki responsible for the music and a very friendly female mongrel, after whom the project is named, and owes its visual identification. Sonia has diabetes and is blind, while Mateusz creates concise, experimental impressions about house rhythms infected by creaking and chugging filth from the digital dustbin. Material is subcutaneous complexity throbbing and predatory bass pulsating.

1. śs oś ep 1 + tytuł utworu [3:33]
2. śs oś ep 1 + tytuł utworu 2 [3:47]
3. śs oś ep 1 + tytuł utworu 3 [1:40]

Here: minimal tech-house, glitch, noise

Play: Mateusz Wysocki