Cover artwork – photo by: Veronika Anna W.

Owczy Pęd (Sheep Urge) (also spelled “owczy pęd”) is a solo project by Leszek Nienartowicz from Torun. Pawlacz Perski Tapes is pleased to present his first solo album. Sounds on this album migrates between volatile charms (which may resemble a young girl who reaches with her hands behind her head to pin up her hair) and the discrete anxiety welling up from the noise and various kinds of flaws. The primary source here is the guitar, though used entirely has lost its original sound. Variety of the sonosphere and searching for the audible contacts – if we listen deeply –will lead and guide us through a bizarre world full of curves and the unspoken.

1. Ptakowie [2:37]
2. Owcza ceremonia [7:03]
3. Dziwny nurt [5:25]
4. Droga-most-rzeka [6:02]
5. Atak krabów [3:19]
6. Kąpiel w tunelu [4:05]
7. Głębia ostrości [6:00]
8. Plamki [2:39]

Here: free-folk, drone, muzyka konkretna, looping, eai

Play: Lech Nienartowicz