Cover artwork – photo by: Justyna Kociszewska

The next plate of the Torun’s underground scene has a slightly different character than the previous ones. Jesień is a relatively young team, in which its members straighten their limbs: Michał Groszewski (bass), Maciej Karmiński (drums) and Szymon Szwarc (guitar). The album is recorded live from the Fado club (Aleksandrów Kujawski) and consists of six charming and brilliant compositions full of rhythm and translocating dissonances. A well trained ear will detect probably hidden behind the instruments an enigmatic radio broadcast. Happy listening!

1. 1 [3:00]
2. 2 [3:52]
3. 3 [3:35]
4. 4 [2:04]
5. 5 [2:01]
6. 6 [3:07]

Here: noise rock

Play: Michał Groszewski, Maciej Karmiński, Szymon Szwarc, Nina the Russian Radio