Pawlacz Perski is a Warsaw-based label whose aim is to popularize contemporary music.
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[ppt#16] Perpetual Motion Food – Kronika Pogańska

[ppt#16] Perpetual Motion Food – Kronika Pogańska

Cover artwork – photo by: Oliwia Misztur   As promised, today we provide to our listeners a prominent material of Perpetual Motion Food collective, which – as you probably all know – began a few nice years ago to dismay all listeners raised on tonal music and conservative German folk songs. The idea behind the...
[ppt#13] Poszmeg - Live at your bedroom

[ppt#13] Poszmeg – Live at your bedroom

Cover artwork – photo by: Alicja Lindner The legendary, although infamous Poszmeg returns as a shabby-shaking-pick-up. We proudly present a sound solution which is a result of our fascination by American culture. The recording session was attended by Lech Nienartowicz, Tomasz Wegner, Przemysław Trzaska and Mateusz Wysocki. Instruments flowed among instrumentalists. The rest shall not...
[ppt#09] Owczy Pęd - 4 songs

[ppt#09] Owczy Pęd – 4 songs

Cover artwork – photo by: Tony Cappucino Lasting less than thirty minutes Lech Nienartowicz’s plate is a great proof that in today’s world, despite a variety of techniques of sound processing, music can be minimalist, yet extremely emotional. We would like to say that the four Lech’s compositions (perversely named songs) reach the very essence...
[ppt#02] Owczy Pęd - Utrwalacze

[ppt#02] Owczy Pęd – Utrwalacze

Cover artwork – photo by: Veronika Anna W. Owczy Pęd (Sheep Urge) (also spelled “owczy pęd”) is a solo project by Leszek Nienartowicz from Torun. Pawlacz Perski Tapes is pleased to present his first solo album. Sounds on this album migrates between volatile charms (which may resemble a young girl who reaches with her hands...
[ppt#01] Porcje Rosołowe - Porcja Pierwsza

[ppt#01] Porcje Rosołowe – Porcja Pierwsza

Cover artwork – photo by: Oliwia Misztur The laptop duo consists of Owczy Pęd and Fischerle. They are well known artists in Torun’s environment. Number of their projects is immeasurable. For example collective Poszmeg is worth noting, in which both of them participate by playing stranger folk, entering into collaborative with patients of the Dobra...